Singing sensation Ranu Mondal is making headlines once again. This time around, it is not because of some ‘fake’ viral picture, but a clip of the sensation forgetting the lyrics of her mentor Himesh Reshammiya's song 'Teri Meri'.
Ranu attended an event in the city, where she was asked to croon a song of her choice for the audience. With the glaring spotlight on her, the singing sensation quickly agreed to sing a track by Himesh. However, while the audience waited eagerly for her to start singing, she took a long pause before exclaiming, "Oh my god, I forget it."

Her honest reaction got a few laughs and giggles from the audience, but it turned into a meme or sorts and quickly served material for trolls to poked fun at her.

Since being discovered on social media for singing a song by Lata Mangeshkar, she shot to fame and bagged a recording deal with singer and composer Himesh Reshammiya. She has also gained quite the fan-following over time and has featured on several singing reality shows and touring the country and showcasing her talent.

Recently, Ranu made headlines when a photo that saw her in bad make-up began doing the rounds on social media. Many quickly made memes of the same and took mean jibes at her for wearing make-up many tones lighter than her original skin tone. However, her make-up artist later spoke up and stated that the photo was “fake” by sharing the real picture that was all things glamorous.